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Amongst Mr. Knappmann's 25 years of legal experience, he was a 12 year Former Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor and Litigator. and has tried hundreds of criminal cases throughout his legal career. He  has a rare unique advantage from a prosecuting insider's perspective and has formed working relationships within court system. John Knappmann knows the interworkings of the prosecuting law in Michigan and on a federal level. He knows exactly how to present you, protect your legal rights, your reputation and will utilize every current law to your best advantage for the best possible outcome for your legal case.

John Knappmann has another advantage that other attorneys do not have. Mr. Knappmann has vast experience working directly within the various branches government. Mr. Knappmann previously was an executive responsible for Government Relations & Special Projects. In addition, he performed extensive work in conjunction with Corporation Counsel. He is very familiar with the inner-workings of the government, honed his professional skills and possesses a unique familiarity with the halls of government where he has created many crucial legal liaisons.​​

Hiring an attorney who specializes in property law to look over building plans, leases, zoning changes and contracts BEFORE execution and moving forward can save you time, stress and money.

​*Remember that many attorneys pass off your case to a 'litigation attorney' when your case gets to a certain stage.

Law Offices of John Knappmann  can help you with your will or trust and estate planning even medicaid planning. Michigan wills and trusts laws are sometimes different than other states and are ever changing. We are active members of the Probate section of the Michigan Bar Association. We work in the Probate Courts in Wayne and Monroe Counties, in particular as well as the surrounding counties in our geographical region. We also know the judges in the probate court system and have worked with these judges for decades.

It is very critical to always work with an ethical attorney, especially when it relates to estate planning and financial assets. Here at Law Offices of John Knappmann, we have gained our estate planning business predominantly through client referrals. Our satisfied clients have referred us to family members and their friends. 

Law Offices of John Knappmann can create a   guardianship, conservatorship. 

Thanking our clients for our offices expansion and growth...


Attorney-At Law

​John Knappmann has years of experience as a government relations executive which means that we can press your argument with the local authorities with professional skills and a unique familiarity with the halls of government.


Or even advice on whether you need other legal instruments such as a revocable living trust, a durable power of attorney, or a special needs trust, we are there for you. Planning in advance with an estate attorney can save you and your family, money, time and stress. Preparation is essential in order to protect your assets throughout your lifetime and what you wish to leave to your family to ensure their will being.


A special needs trust supplements, but does not replace, benefits that someone may already be receiving.  It is primarily for someone with a diagnosed disability already receiving means-tested government benefits. There are several types, based on needs, and it is something you would need a professional to advise you.


Synopsis of John Knappmann's work experience:

*National College of DUI Defense.

​*25 years of local government service, receiving 'Wayne County Award of Recognition'.

*12 years Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor (& litigation).

*Currently owns and is active at Law Offices of John O. Knappmann, in downtown Trenton, MI. with a specialty in Criminal Defense law.

*Member of Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan.

*Member of Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys.

*Member of State Bar of Michigan—Criminal Law Section.

*Member of State Bar of Michigan—Property Section.

​​*Previously was an executive responsible for Government Relations & Special Projects.

*Performed extensive work in conjunction with Corporation Counsel.

*Performed extensive work in conjunction with  the Planning Commission.

*Performed extensive work in conjuction with the Downtown Development Authority.

*Performed extesive work in conjunction with the  Zoning Board of Appeals. 

*Wayne County Board of Canvassers member (Formally certifies the local polical 

*Member of Wayne County Real Estate Investors Association.

*Trustee of Charter Township of Brownstown, MI.

With more than 25 years experience, John Knappmann, attorney-at-law, former 12 year Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney and litigator, John has extensive first-hand experienced in criminal defense and civil law, all aspects in estate planning/probate and real estate/government law, litigation appeals and federal courts.

​John is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Michigan Law School. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan and the Criminal Law, Probate, and Real Estate Law sections. He teaches on criminal law and organizational behavior at a college level. John Knappmann also attends continuing legal education to keep constantly updates with the current federal and state laws and processes which are ever-changing. (Continuing legal education is not mandatory amongst practicing attorneys).​

Whether it is an eviction, house closing, zoning ordinance issue, Mr. Knappmann has been of value to his  clients that range from landlords, property owners and land developers. He is also currently a landllord and understands the legal dynamics of this important financial asset.

With more than 25 years experience, John Knappmann, Real Estate Attorney, has extensive first-hand experienced in real estate/landlord law and civil law. Former Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor and Litigator of 12 years.  Some of his litigation involved real estate law such as landlord - tenant evictions, real estate contracts, real estate zoning, legal compliance and much more.

If you have a contract or proposal with a county or municipal government or authority, we can help. John Knappmann's real estate law combined with government law that is applicable with real estate property is a rare dual expertise that John has vast experience. By working directly within the various branches of the local government he understands how to prevail within the the system. John Knappmann previously was an executive responsible for Government Relations & Special Projects.  In addition, he performed extensive work in conjunction with Corporation Counsel, Planning Commission, Downtown Development Authority, and Zoning Board of Appeals. Working in all of these government real estate associated branches, he knows what board members and local elected officials are looking for when faced with property related issues. Therefore he is the go to attorney for zoning, development, contract discrepencies and disputes, compliance, assessments, and property appraisals.

Mr. Knappmann is one of the few attorneys that has much experience on ALL sides of the courtroom.



What kind attorney could be a better litigator than an assistant prosecuting attorney of 12 years? 

As former year prosecuting attorney, John Knappmann tried hundreds of cases constantly for over a decade under every legal practice specialty he now specializes in since he created 'Law Offices of John Knappmann', located in Trenton, Livonia, Dearborn, Northville and Troy Michigan. We service Wayne, Monroe, Oakland & Macomb Counties.


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​As an assistant prosecuting attorney, John Knappmann did much of the civil litigation both inside and outside of  Wayne County. From beginning to end including case research, documentation, depositions, discoveries, testimonials, eye witness interviews, court trials contract negotiations and most of all litigation. Mr. Knappmann has many proven successful negotiation methodologies. He is an experienced attorney from being on ALL sides of the court room (prosecution & defending attorney), therefore   he has unmatched experience when he is up against his competition. Mr. Knappmann has developed important legal laisons. John Knappmann can tell you  realistic outcomes and provide the best representation and litigate your case for the most desireable and most of all realistic results with confidence.



Locations: Trenton, Dearborn, Northville, (Troy locations available and open now & pictures coming soon!)


John Knappmann has EXTENSIVE experience with the county probate court system AND relationships with the judges. This is a crucial edge that any attorney would value to deliver the best possible results for his clients. This includes avoiding probate if at all possible. Knowing the probate protocols of the law is also knowing how to protect your assets before the process even begins!


Have the best representation. Appeals is expensive and time consuming without out any guarantee of success. If you are poorly advised the first time - Just remember what is said in court the first time is ALL documented and can make your appeal more difficult!